Owncast Demo Servers

We provide two public Owncast servers for you to see how it works. One for streaming to and one for just watching.

Stream your content to broadcast.owncast.online

You can point your own software and content at broadcast.owncast.online to test live streaming with Owncast. Go there and find the current key in the description and chat messages.

Read more about how to configure your software by reading the broadcasting software documentation.

Some limitations and restrictions:

  • You can only stream for a few minutes. Long enough to test out the service and verify your software.
  • You can’t connect if somebody else is already streaming.
  • The streaming key will change over time and you’ll see it show up as a chat message.

Watch a test live stream at watch.owncast.online

If you just want to see what it’s like to watch a currently active Owncast live stream you can visit watch.owncast.online and check it out.