Customizing appearance

Appearance customization was first supported in Owncast 0.1.0.

CSS Selectors

  • header
  • footer
  • #global-header-text The text in the header.
  • #offline-banner The banner that appears when the stream is offline.
  • #custom-page-content The custom content of the page.
  • #notify-button Button to display the notify modal.
  • #follow-button Button to display the follow modal.
  • #followers-collection The collection of followers.
  • #modal-container The container for the modals.
  • #chat-container The container for the chat.
  • .chat-message_user A user-sent chat message.
  • .chat-message_system A system-sent chat message.
  • .chat-message_social A social message from the Fediverse.
  • .followers-follower A single Follower in the followers collection.

CSS Variables

You can override the values assigned to CSS variables manually by setting them in the CSS editor in the admin. You can find a list of variable names you can override.

For example, if you’d like to make all action items (links, buttons) red, button borders green, and change the body font to a serif font, you can set the following CSS variables as follows:

:root {
  --theme-color-action: red;
  --theme-color-components-primary-button-border: green;
  --theme-text-body-font-family: serif;