Broadcasting Software


In general Owncast is compatible with any software that uses RTMP to broadcast to a remote server. RTMP is what all the major live streaming services use, so if you’re currently using one of those it’s likely that you can point your existing software at your Owncast instance instead.

However, we haven’t tested with everything. So if you’re using something specific we’d love to hear what software you’re using and the results. If you’re finding yourself running into issues, we’d love to help troubleshoot.

OBS/Streamlabs OBS →
OBS is a popular piece of free software for live streaming. →
Restream is a commercial service to stream to multiple locations at once.
Zoom →
Zoom is a video conferencing provider.
Ffmpeg →
ffmpeg is a leading command line tool for processing video.
Compatible Hardware →
Various pieces of hardware have been tested with Owncast.