Building from Source

  1. Ensure you have the gcc compiler installed for your system.
  2. Install the Go toolchain.
  3. Clone the repo. git clone
  4. go run main.go will run the application.
  5. Start a stream to your local instance using your broadcasting software.
  6. A basic test can be run by running ./test/ test/automated/test.mp4.

Using Docker

  1. Download the code: git clone
  2. Make any configuration changes.
  3. If you ever make any future config file changes you must rerun the docker build step otherwise you can just run the docker run step to run the service going forward.
  4. Run docker build -t owncast . and wait. It may take a few minutes to build depending on the speed of your server.
  5. Run docker run -p 8080:8080 -p 1935:1935 -it owncast to start the service with your custom configuration.