Chat authentication

There is no requirement to authenticate when using Owncast chat. However, some prefer to authenticate themselves to verify their identity to others, and to continue using the same chat identity across multiple devices and browsers. This is especially helpful for those with moderator privileges.

You can access the authentication options via the chat dropdown menu in the upper right of the page.


IndieAuth is an open standard decentralized authentication protocol that enables services to verify the identity of a user represented by a URL. This means anybody that has an existing URL that supports IndieAuth can use it to authenticate with Owncast chat.

Visit to learn more.

Owncast is an IndieAuth server

If you run an Owncast server you can use it to authenticate yourself on other Owncast instances by using the URL of your server.

Fediverse Authentication

Using your Fediverse account you can be sent a one time use code to verify your identity and authenticate yourself with Owncast chat. Fediverse support must be enabled on the Owncast server for this feature to be available.

This is done by sending a direct message to your account. If you do not receive this message make sure you can accept direct messages.

These codes expire, so you will need to request a new one if necessary.