External storage

Instead of serving video directly from your personal server you can use a S3 compatible storage provider to offload the bandwidth and storage requirements elsewhere.

Choose your storage provider of choice. If your provider is not listed, you can file an issue and we’ll test and write up some documentation for it.

AWS S3 →
AWS S3 is a good choice if you're already using AWS for your server or are comfortable using AWS for other things.
Backblaze B2 →
Backblaze B2's first 10G of storage is free, and the first 1G of download per day is free after that. Afterwards they charge $0.01/G.
Digital Ocean Spaces →
250 GB storage + 1 TB Outbound Transfer for $5/mo.
Wasabi →
*no longer recommended* $5.99/mo with no additional costs for the amount of people or amount of times people access your video.
Linode Object Storage →
250 GB storage + 1 TB Outbound Transfer for $5/mo.
Minio →
With a selfhosted MinIO server, you get even more control over your data.