Install with Site.js

Site.js is a toolset by the Small Technology Foundation that allows you to easily setup a production web server. Additionally it can install Owncast for you, supporting SSL, configured to run as a service.

If you have no other SSL proxy on your system (such as Caddy or nginx) and you’re not already comfortable setting up systemd, Site.js is the fastest way from you to go from nothing to a production Owncast installation.

The following will install Site.js on Linux and run Owncast, however it’s encouraged for you to visit the Site.js documentation to learn more before deciding to run their installer.

  1. Install Site.js. wget -qO- | bash
  2. Tell Site.js to run Owncast. site enable --owncast

This will install Owncast, set it up as a systemd service, and serve it securely at your hostname.

Visit Site.js to learn more about installation and configuration for different platforms as well the details around the project.