Owncast Releases

Owncast V0.0.7 →
0.0.7 adds the ability to use some hardware accelerated codecs for video encoding, as well as a bunch of smaller, but helpful, updates.
Owncast V0.0.6 →
0.0.6 gives you the ability to configure your Owncast server via the web and adds new 3rd party APIs for you to build upon.
Owncast V0.0.5 →
0.0.5 introduces basic chat moderation features to Owncast.
Owncast V0.0.4 →
0.0.4 includes several small updates and bug fixes.
Owncast V0.0.3 →
0.0.3 has a new admin dashboard to help get an overview of the configuration and performance of your Owncast server along with handfuls of additional updates.
Owncast V0.0.2 →
0.0.2 has a major focus on frontend web updates, with some nice new features including the ability to embed in your own site easier, custom emoji and more.
Owncast V0.0.1 →
In honor of @mattdsteele and @JCake live streaming their wedding using Owncast tomorrow, here's the first release version.