Owncast public roadmap

While nothing is set in stone, Owncast tries to set a relatively clear roadmap for future work and features. This enables the project to discuss things far in advance to make the best possible decisions as well as allowing Owncast users to know what types of updates they can expect.

As time goes on planning for specific releases get more detailed, and it's very common for additional, smaller, releases to get slipped in between larger features to fix bugs and address feedback.

Current Milestone: v0.2.0 - Web server/api refactor

There are 11 open issues left to be addressed, with 13 previously completed and closed. View more details and interact with this milestone on Github.

Overview and Goals

Start refactoring and updating the backend, starting with the web/api layer, and some internal services.

In Progress

These items are assigned to a person and are being worked on.

To Do

These issues are not currently assigned to anybody and still need to be completed for a release to take place.

v0.2.0 Backend web API refactor, ffmpeg 6 support

Much like the frontend was refactored, it's time to start reorganizing and cleaning up the architecture of the backend. This begins with the API layer, and making additional steps from there. This sets the backend up for the exciting feature work that is scheduled next. These updates will happen in meaningful, but iterative chunks within v0.2.x releases. Additionally work to support ffmpeg 6 and recent versions of the va-api codec takes place for v0.2.0. See milestone for details. See milestone.

v0.3.0 Scheduled streams

Add the ability to schedule future streams and enable features that take advantage of scheduling. See milestone.

v0.4.0 Stream Clips

Add support for viewers being able to replay clips of previous streams. See milestone.

v0.5.0 Federated Instance Follows

Allow an Owncast instance to follow other Owncast instances and federate stream state and schedule. See milestone.