Sample Projects

The following example projects are a work-in-progress. If you’d like to help with them, we’d love to have you contribute! Also, if you want to write some basic examples in a different language, that would be awesome.

Empty Project

The following is a project setup for you to simply add your logic to a basic scaffolding of a Node.js project. If you’re looking to start a new Node.js project then this might be a good place to start.!/owncast-addon

Dancing Banana

Notify followers via Email or SMS when you go live

This project allows people to put in their phone number or email address to get notified any time you go live. It uses Mailgun for email and Twilio for text messages. It also has an embed where it thanks the user for following you on your stream.!/owncast-example-follow

Tip Jar

This project includes a page where people can tip you during your stream. It uses Stripe as a payment processor. When a payment is successful it sends a message to your chat. TODO: Add an embed so you thank tippers via an image/message on your stream.!/owncast-example-tip-jar

Emoji Wall

This project is a simple embed that listens on that chat for people sending custom emojis. If one or more custom emoji are sent in a message then they float by on the embed.!/owncast-example-emoji-wall