Use Cases

Use cases #

One time events #

In the era of COVID-19 everything has to go online, so live stream your conference, meeting, concert, wedding, birthday, etc.

Read about how Matt Steele streamed his wedding and why.

If you have a conference or event with multiple people talking via Zoom, you can even stream that so not everyone has to be logged into a conferencing platform, they can just visit the web site.

Content creators #

Have your own website where your community can watch your live streams and you no longer have to worry about the arbitrary rules enforced on the mainstream streaming sites. Chat and custom emojis are supported so people can feel at home.

Church services #

Bring your service online and control how it’s streamed. Decide if you want to just embed the video into your existing site or use the included web interface.

Music streaming #

Want to DJ online but worried about getting your stream shut down due to copyright claims? Now you can play whatever you want.

Movies with friends #

Get your friends together online to watch a movie. With chat you can still make comments about how bad the film is.